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mechanical adj
1 using (or as if using) mechanisms or tools or devices; "a mechanical process"; "his smile was very mechanical"; "a mechanical toy" [ant: nonmechanical]
2 relating to or concerned with machinery or tools; "mechanical arts"; "mechanical design"; "mechanical skills" [syn: mechanically skillful]
3 relating to or governed by or in accordance with mechanics; "a belief that the universe is a mechanical contrivance"; "the mechanical pressure of a strong wind"
4 lacking thought or feeling [syn: mechanistic]

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  • /mɛˈkænɪkəl̩/


  1. Related to mechanics, done by machine.


related to mechanics; done by machine

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  • Mechanical engineering, a branch of engineering concerned with the application of physical mechanics
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), the mechanical systems of a building
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